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AETHER CT's Chinese subsidiary participated in the groundbreaking ceremony for Shandong Heungtaekyu Materials Technology Co., Ltd. and signed a contract to supply 150 SiH4 MEGC units.

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  • Date 2024.02.29
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 On February 26, 2024, the 'Project Groundbreaking Ceremony' for the first quarter of 2024 was held in Taean City, China's Shandong Province "Main Project Construction Promotion Council"
at silane production plant.

 At the groundbreaking ceremony, key government officials, including the Party Secretary of Taean City and the Party Secretary of Xintai City, attended the event and laid the foundation for the project. This year, Tai'an decided to implement 701 provincial, city, and county-level key projects, with a total investment of 357.74 billion yuan (65.8 trillion won), and an annual investment of 111.89 billion yuan (20.5 trillion won).

 Today, Xintai City broke ground on 24 projects with a total investment of 10.095 billion yuan (1.8 trillion won), of which 8 projects had an investment of more than 500 million yuan (92 billion won). It was said that the 15 projects included intelligent and emerging industrial projects.
 In particular, it was announced that the total investment for silane products for semiconductors, which began construction at this event venue, is 1.5 billion yuan (KRW 276 billion), and that more than 5,000 tons of high-purity semiconductor series products will be produced.

 Among them, the silane product process solved the 'bottleneck' issue of specialty gases in the Chinese semiconductor industry. 
 Xintai City is using this project as a driving force to build a circular economy industrial complex area.

 It was announced that a 1,500 mu (300,000 pyeong) silicon materials industrial park will be built and cluster expansion and strengthening projects will be planned and implemented to create an industrial cluster worth 10 billion yuan (1.8 trillion won).

 We, Namyang Pressure Vessel Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., signed a contract to supply 150 MEGC(SiH4) units by mid-2024 to the end of 2025 with Shandong Heungtaekyu Materials Technology Co., Ltd. who is in the center of this groundbreaking ceremony on January 29, 2024, before the groundbreaking ceremony. 

 The Chinese branch General manager of Namyang Pressure Vessel Technology was invited to attend the groundbreaking ceremony.


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