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Press release - Duksan Aether CT develops a hydrogen storage platform for green hydrogen inland and ocean transportation worth 5 billion won

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  • Date 2024.06.06
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 ▲ Duksan Aether CT’s Type 4 Ultra-Jumbo High-Pressure gas trailer 


 Duksan Aether CT announced that it was finally selected for the ‘K-Carbon Flagship Technology Development Project’, signed a research agreement on May 28, and began research and development in earnest.

 The research project hosted by Duksan Aether CT is the ‘Maritime P2G (Power to Gas) green hydrogen hydrogen storage platform technology development for inland and ocean transportation’ project.

 This technology development project utilizes technology to produce and store hydrogen or methane using energy obtained from solar or wind power generation to develop a platform weighing less than 15 tons (based on a 20ft container) and transporting and storing hydrogen over 500kg at a time. In other words, the ultimate goal is to develop a system necessary to transport and store hydrogen produced at sea to land so that the produced hydrogen can reach the utilization stage.

 As joint research companies and institutions, △Korea Institute of Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering, △Jeonbuk National University Industry-Academic Collaboration Foundation, and △Carbon Hydrogen Industry Research Association participate to support the development and verification of the technology, and the final demand company is HyIS-one Co., Ltd.

 The research and development period is a total of 4 years and 9 months (57 months) from April 2024 to December 2028, and a total of 5 billion won, including about 3.9 billion won in government support, is planned to be invested in this research and development project.

 Duksan Aether CT is Korea's only Type 1 and Type 4 solution Ultra Jumbo High-Pressure gas container manufacturer. It produces key equipment in the gas transportation and storage sector for the entire clean energy solution cycle, and is ranked first in global market share in this sector. Selected as a hydrogen specialized company by the Ministry of Energy.

 In addition to hydrogen, the company also manufactures ultra-large tubes for storage and transportation of special gases used in the manufacturing process of semiconductors, displays, and secondary batteries, and holds various international certification standards such as ASME, DOT, ISO 11120, and TPED.

 The Carbon and Hydrogen Industry Research Association, which participated as a joint research institute, is responsible for joint patent applications and new technology (NET) certification support, and performs tasks to identify technology market trends, protect new technologies, and develop sales channels.

 Through this K-Carbon flagship technology development project, Duksan Aether CT is expected to secure international technological competitiveness in the field of hydrogen storage and transportation, and expand the scope and overall market of hydrogen energy through next-generation mobility such as trams, ships, and aircraft.

 The Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Planning and Evaluation (KEIT), which conducted the research and development (R&D) review, also explained in its selection opinion that the hydrogen storage platform to be developed will have a significant technological ripple effect as it can be applied to various fields other than hydrogen.

 Meanwhile, the 'K-Carbon Flagship Technology Development Project' is a national research and development project in which a total of KRW 104.6 billion (national budget of KRW 78.5 billion) will be invested to secure core carbon material technologies essential for major future industrial fields such as aerospace, defense, and mobility. It is hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, and the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Planning and Evaluation is in charge of project progress as a specialized organization.


 *Source: AME NEWS


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